Marge Abbott and Julie Peyton:  The Fruit of the Spirit

We will invite you to join us in sharing about times when you have experienced the reality of the power of the Spirit, or seen others whose lives reflect this. And when you have been aware of the opposite – those times when we as individuals or as a community fall short of our own ideals.

Like many liberal Friends, Marge does not consider baptism as part of her faith. Yet mystical openings and a call to transformation have been central to her life. She has come to recognize that some early Friends described similar experiences as “a baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

A dear friend of hers recently spoke with conviction the reality of baptism for his life: seeing it as an ongoing commitment accepting Jesus’ words to his disciples in Mark 10:39: “You will drink the cup I drink and be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with.” This is only one of several places where Jesus’ states the danger and challenge of following him. The aim of such a life is not glory and riches, but a faithfulness to truth and justice that may result in difficult decisions and painful choices.

Join us in sharing your experience of transformation and rebirth/commitment and how we might each of us make the fruit of this experience more visible in our meetings.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt: Cultivating Our Use of Social Media and Technology

How do we use social media in a way that will add hope, joy, and peace to our lives instead of the constant barrage of input and demands? Social media and our use of technology in general can suck away our time and energy without adding much benefit. From a holistic perspective, Sarah will share her experience and help us explore ways we can limit harmful uses of technology while cultivating the tools and habits that give us life and joy.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt is the author of five books and numerous articles as well as being a spiritual director, international speaker, and book designer with a passion for ministering to fellow souls. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry and a Certificate of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship from Portland Seminary. Sarah currently serves as the co-presiding clerk of Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Dani Rowland & Sharon Moon: Alternatives to Violence Project workshop 

Dani and Sharon invite you to take part in fun group exercises meant to build trust and community. Ultimately, it’s about sensing the transforming power that allows us to find peaceful resolutions to conflict.

AVP was first developed in 1975 to use in prisons. It’s now used in prisons, schools, community groups in over 50 countries. Learn more about AVP.  This will be a two-hour workshop.

Sharon Moon is a mediator, coach, trainer and circle keeper, currently working as the Restorative Practices Liaison for the Dispute Resolution Center of King County. She has ten years of experience facilitating for AVP –  in prisons, a high school, and with health care providers, police, and other community groups. She attends South Seattle Friends Meeting.

Dani Rowland is an academic librarian in her day job. She has been giving AVP workshops since 2013 at the Monroe Correctional Facility in Monroe, WA. She attends Eastside Friends Meeting



Christine Betz Hall:  Nurturing Hope thru Prayer & Spiritual Practice

How might you find hope in contemplative practices wherever you are? Please join a gently guided exploration through imagination, movement, silence, and words. Prayer forms will be brief and relevant for hard times. We’ll reflect together on what happens, welcoming and honoring diverse experiences.

My sense of hope does not come from any particular prayer technique, but from growing in awareness of the Spirit within. We need that awareness watching the news and on the streets.

Contemplation is meant for more than private prayer and retreats. Contemplative practices help us to open, release, let go, surrender, and have confidence in that of God within, no matter the situation. I pray that we’ll explore the inner experiential reality of prayer together, weaving a tapestry of hopeful possibilities.

Chris is the founder of the Way of the Spirit, an 18 month program for learning and spiritual growth from Quaker spirituality. Chris is an educator, retreat facilitator, and spiritual director in the Pacific Northwest.

Leann Williams: Emotional Detox

Searching to find a way to a healthier relationship with her mother, Leann learned a process to reorient her thinking and realign her soul to gratitude which changed that relationship radically. She offers this process as a tool to address toxic emotional relationships and situations through a set of practices that realign body, heart, and mind to love and gratitude.

Leann Williams has traveled a circuitous path of faith from certainty through doubt to a place of rootedness in a deep knowing of God’s love and grace. She was a teacher for many years and now makes her living as a massage therapist. A recorded minister with Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends, she serves Friends in Common, a faith community in north Idaho.

Leann Williams – EFT Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique was developed to help people shut down emotional triggers – the intense negative emotions you may feel when something comes up that reminds you of a past painful experience. Used successfully to treat PTSD and young survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, EFT can help reduce this emotional response. Come learn the basics for yourself or as a tool to offer others in these turbulent times.