Volunteer Jobs

Here is a detailed description of the Volunteer Jobs to help you discern where you can best lend a hand.

  • Bookstore Coordinators: Contact suppliers like Barclay Press and FGC to provide books to sell; set up and account for the sales of books and the return of unsold books; handle money received
  • Buddies for Weekenders:Buddies for Weekenders will be paired with a new attender to welcome and help orient her to the property and the location of activities, and be available to answer questions. Buddies should also be prepared to summarize the movement of the Spirit through the conference to that point in order to help the new attender join in more readily.
  • Campfire Hosts: Coordinate campfire(s) with staff, announce campfires to conferees, oversee safety at campfires
  • Craft Coordinators: Set up crafts for use and clean up
  • Registration Assistants: Help prepare registration packets and staff registration at Camby Grove
  • Snacks Coordinators: Have snacks available and clean up
  • Transportation Coordinators: Receive arrival information and arrange carpools, airport, train, bus pick-ups and Sunday departures. Recruit local volunteers to do driving