This year we are using the “Pay as Led” approach to conference fees. It’s a new, simpler, and riskier way to fund the conference.

Pay-As-Led relies on your integrity as a Friend, trusting that each of us will contribute what we are led and able to support our wider faith community.

Instead of setting a number and requiring a special form to request financial aid, we will provide you with these payment and donation options when you register:

This includes the conference fee of $385 and a donation to the Equalization Fund. Any amount over  $385 is tax-deductible and would allow others with limited incomes to attend. The conference experience would be enriched for all.

Covers all conference expenses, including payment processing and website fees. 

This includes the costs the conference traditionally included in the price of attendance for 2020. It was the cost for the 2018 conference.

Suggestion only; this is the average range of costs that 2018 participants who received scholarships paid in 2018.

Email if this minimum fee would present a hardship or obstacle to attending.

Please review these suggested amounts, consider prayerfully how much you are able and led to pay this year, enter that number, and pay it. We ask that the minimum paid would be $20, although if that would be a barrier for you to come to the conference, please contact to have the minimum waived.

Please read instructions above before clicking and registering

For those who are able, please consider a donation to the Equalization Fund. Any amount which a Friend pays in excess of the “traditional” fee will be counted as a tax-deductible do­nation to support others’ participation. Churches and meetings are also encour­aged to contribute to the Fund to support the conference. All of these contributions will be pooled and support the at­tendance of all Friends—including members of your church or meeting—who are unable to cover the actual costs of their participation.

We pray that “Pay as Led” will

  • reduce the barrier of participating in the conference.
  • remove the embarrassment of requesting scholarships, and the onerous process of deciding who will receive a scholarship and who won’t.  
  • begins to deepen our spiritual community at the conference, as each of us reflects on how much we are called to pay or donate.
  • reflect our Quaker values of spiritual discernment, equity, and integrity.
  • enrich the experience of all who attend the conference

Other Friends’ groups have found that  “Pay-as-Led” increased attendance, particularly among young adult and low-income Friends. 

However, their success depended on the generosity of those who donated to the Equalization Fund. We invite meetings and individuals to send checks, payable to Camas Friends Church to Katie Buckley, Treasurer, 9677 39th Ave SE, Turner, OR 97392. Please write “/PNWQWTC” on the memo line. You may also give online at

With gratefulness,

Planning Committee for the 2020 Conference