About the Camp

Cascades Camp is a large Christian camp situated between Mount Rainier and the small western Washington town of Yelm. There are tennis courts and canoes for the lake, and fifteen miles of hiking trails. Other activities may be available for an additional fee.

We will be staying in two lodges, both with a view of Elbow Lake. Each lodge has accessible units, a balcony, and a meeting room with kitchenette.

Plenary sessions will be in a large, well-equipped conference room with a glass wall on one side. 

Food is served family style in the dining hall. The  camp kitchen can accommodate the following diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and dairy free.  The registration form has space to let us know if you have severe allergies and/or need one of these diets.

We will be sharing the camp with a children’s group, but they will have separate living quarters.