2018 Minutes

Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference
Minutes of 2018 Meeting for Worship for Business

4:30 pm, 6/9/18, Canby, Oregon
Chris Cradler, Clerk
Jessica Manly Bucciarelli, Recording Clerk

Approximately 62 Friends were present. Marge Abbott joined the Clerk and Recording Clerk at the
Clerks’ table in an Elder role. The Clerk called on Friends not by name, but by describing their clothing
(“The Friend in the blue sweater…the Friend near the door, in the brown pants…”)
The Clerk opened by reading the opening paragraph from An Experiment in Faith: Quaker Women
Transcending Differences, written by Marge Abbott and published as a 1995 Pendle Hill Pamphlet.

Karla Zimmerman, Treasurer, distributed the attached financial report. In her presentation and in
response to questions, she noted:

o Most of the figures in this report are estimates.
o The purpose of the cash on hand is to reserve a site for the next conference.
o Planning Committee expenses were zero. (They held a retreat that cost $85 per person,
which they covered from their personal funds.)
o Meetings, churches and the conference itself provided partial or full scholarships for 13
o Checks cost less to process than payment by PayPal does.
o The “Fundraising – $2000” item in the income section is a forthcoming grant from the
Shoemaker Foundation.

Leann Williams, Co-Clerk, reported that serving on the committee was a fabulous experience.
People who didn’t know each other at all became soulmates, and leadership roles ebbed and flowed
based on needs and abilities.
She raised four concerns:

a. Early June is a hard time for many would-be participants, particularly teachers and
parents. However, alternate dates are hard to secure at other conference centers. She
reminded Friends that we are guaranteed to get the same timeslot (6/10/20-6/14/20)
for the next conference at Canby Grove if we commit to it by 6/24/18.
b. Participation by women under 35 remains low. Friends are reminded that the
scholarship money is largely for younger women, as well as others without means.
c. There’s an issue of integrity and plain speech around the papers. We check a box
agreeing to submit them by 5/1, yet almost a third of us submitted them after 5/1 or
not at all.
Discussion ensued. Friends noted that the papers are intended to promote engagement
with the theme and introduce ourselves. Are there other ways to accomplish these
personal reflections? Would a greater use of other formats–drawings, sound recordings,
etc.–help? Secondary benefits of the papers were mentioned. For example, the Friend
assigning rooms found them useful in pairing people up. A Home Group leader made a
point of reading especially closely the papers of women in her home group, to start to
get to know them.
d. Similarly, we say the registration deadline is firm, yet we bend it.
Friends agreed that those planning future conferences will take these concerns under
consideration. Leann noted that there are questions on the evaluation that relate to these
concerns, and encouraged Friends to fill it out.

Leann noted that the topic of “abundant financing” had arisen earlier in the week. It’s a conference
funding model that some Yearly Meetings, including North Pacific, are trying out. Registrants are told
the full cost of participation and are asked to discern whether to pay more or less or exactly that
amount. Leann asked the group to provide input to the organizers of future PNWQWTC gatherings.
Points raised included:

o PNWQWTC can learn from NPYM’s inaugural experience this year.
o Does abundant financing require abundant financial resources? We are not even our own
nonprofit or under the auspices of a larger organization. Would abundant financing work in
our context?
o We could authorize the new Planning Committee to change how we fund the conference.
Does the Planning Committee have this authority already? Perhaps, but they are ultimately
accountable to this business meeting.
o It could be a subcommittee, not the whole planning committee. Could include people not on
the Planning Committee. The Clerk noted that it would be possible to take nominations
today for such a subcommittee. It could be a way of making the conference available to
more people, which is what we all want.

2018-01: We ask a future Planning Committee to look at conference financing and find the best way
forward with the resources they know we have.

Mari Gilge, Epistle Committee member, read the draft epistle. Slight corrections were made to some of
the statistics. A Friend suggested adding to the epistle a mention of the possibility of future conferences.
Committee members will be available at dinner tonight. A copy of the draft will be posted in the lobby,
and comments will be accepted through 8 tonight.
2018-02: Friends expressed appreciation to the Epistle Committee

The Clerk asked if there was a sense to hold another conference, and if two years from now seems like
the right time frame.
2018-03: Friends agreed to hold the next PNWQWTC in 2020.

Chris Hall, Nominating Committee member, reported that committee members had spoken with many
possible Planning Committee members, but not with everyone. She spoke of the many gifts that are
needed. The committee is not bringing names, but knows of at least four people who are ready to stand
in response to a gentle and open invitation to serve on the 2020 Planning Committee. Out of the silence,
Friends rose to volunteer, each briefly stating what brought her to do so:
2018-04: Friends approved the 2020 Planning Committee: Keelin Anderson (Multnomah Friends
Meeting), Elisa Dale (returning to Friends, likely through West Hills Friends Church), Sarah Katreen
Hoggatt (Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends), Kate Jaramillo (Bridge City Friends Meeting),
Promise Welkin Partner (North Seattle Friends Church), Necia Quast (San Juan Worship Group), June
Thomasson (Sky Valley Worship Group c/o Eastside Meeting) and Susanne Ratcliffe Wilson (Salmon Bay
Friends Meeting).
The incoming and outgoing Planning Committees agreed to eat breakfast together Sunday.
Continuing the earlier conversation about the possibility of subcommittees, Friends offered to help the
Planning Committee in specific ways:

o Kendra Purcell and Joy Preston can consult on how to involve parents with young children.
o Leann Williams can serve on the financing subcommittee.
o Joy Williams and Camas Friends Church can continue handling the money. Joy can serve as
Treasurer if she can do so without being on the Planning Committee.
o Tommee Carlyle can fundraise.

The Clerk expressed our collective thanks to all coordinators and liaisons, to the Compassionate
Listeners and Nominating Committee, and especially to the Planning Committee.
2018-05: Friends expressed their sincere, deep and heartfelt thanks to the 2018 Planning Committee:
Barbara Bennett, Katie Buckley, Nancy McLauchlan, Susanne Ratcliffe Wsilson, Sarah Schmidt, Cathy
Thomas, Leann Williams and Karla Zimmerman.

A Friend raised a concern about the concept of God as male or female. She sees an urgent need for new
perspectives, and for society to turn away from the military-industrial complex and toward what is
considered “feminine.” She says Friends can make a difference.

The meeting closed with joys and concerns spoken out of wor