Marge Abbott and Julie Peyton:  The Fruit of the Spirit

We will invite you to join us in sharing about times when you have experienced the reality of the power of the Spirit, or seen others whose lives reflect this. And when you have been aware of the opposite – those times when we as individuals or as a community fall short of our own ideals.

Like many liberal Friends, Marge does not consider baptism as part of her faith. Yet mystical openings and a call to transformation have been central to her life. She has come to recognize that some early Friends described similar experiences as “a baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

A dear friend of hers recently spoke with conviction the reality of baptism for his life: seeing it as an ongoing commitment accepting Jesus’ words to his disciples in Mark 10:39: “You will drink the cup I drink and be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with.” This is only one of several places where Jesus’ states the danger and challenge of following him. The aim of such a life is not glory and riches, but a faithfulness to truth and justice that may result in difficult decisions and painful choices.

Join us in sharing your experience of transformation and rebirth/commitment and how we might each of us make the fruit of this experience more visible in our meetings.

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