Quaker women from the Pacific and Inland Northwest and beyond and other women interested in exploring Quaker Spirituality.  Read about our Mission and Core Beliefs.
Bernie's Fractals
It’s for those who want to deepen their spiritual experience through sharing, listening, wrestling with the perspectives of other Quaker women. It’s for those who feel a call to deepen their spiritual lives and thereby enhance the spiritual lives of their churches and meetings.This will be the 12th gathering, the first being in 1995.  It was inspired by the International Quaker Women’s Theology Conference in 1991 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center in England.Read more about our history here.
The conference is intended for women ages 18 and above. However, younger women who are spiritually mature and are accompanied to the conference by an adult offering support in processing the experience are welcome. We want to protect the integrity of the conference experience as a spiritual refuge for all. Babes in arms are welcome, but we are unable to offer childcare or space for childcare at the conference.