What to Bring (and Not)

What Shall I Bring?

  • Three copies of reflection paper
  • Bible
  • Quaker Hymnals will be shared by Friends’ Meetings, but we may need more
  • A journal or notebook; pens, pencils
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella; perhaps rain jacket, also
  • Folding chair if you want to sit outside
  • Snacks to share (not needing refrigeration)
  • Coffee mug to use outside dining room; water bottle (Write names on them!)
  • Herbal tea (Black tea, coffee service will be provided)
  • Spiritual books (fiction and non-fiction) to donate for a book sale to begin fundraising for 2018 conference.
  • Arts and Craft supplies of your choice, including the following requests: yarn, beads and beading supplies, paper crafts, crochet hooks, knitting needles, scissors, glue. You’re also invited to bring your own ongoing project.
  • Camera – we are in need of a photographer
  • Bug spray

IF you are bringing items to sell for your own causes, there will be space in the Mezzanine, 2nd floor of the Lodge. You are responsible for your own goods and money.


  •  All scented products including lotions, shampoos, conditioners, gels, soaps, cut flowers, candles. SOME PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC.
  • Alcohol
  • Things to smoke

Canby Grove phone # 503.266.5963 and Nancy Irving cell: 646.696.9779 – for emergency contact only please.