Volunteer Jobs

Here is a detailed description of the Volunteer Jobs to help you discern where you can best lend a hand.

  • Registration Assistant: Help prepare registration packets and staff the on-site registration process
  • Dining Hall Liaison: Liaise with kitchen staff/dining staff about special meals and needs [ahead of time and on-site]
  • Worship Coordinators: Organize Plenary worship, Reading the Bible with FriendsĀ and other worship opportunities including grace at meals
  • Pastoral Care Team: Be mindful of and available to women who have needs to talk about their experience on-site
  • Transportation Coordinators: Receive arrival information and arrange carpools, airport, train, bus pick-ups and Sunday departures. Recruit local volunteers to do driving
  • Reflection Papers Coordinators: Track receipt of papers and remind women to send them in and make copies for use on-site
  • Bookstore Coordinators: Contact suppliers like Barclay Press and FGC to provide books to sell; set up and account for the sales of books and the return of unsold books; handle money received
  • Craft Coordinators: Set up crafts room for use and clean up
  • Snacks Coordinators: Have snacks available and clean up