Guidelines for Home Groups

Home Groups are a refuge, a support system, a place where we can build deeper connections in the midst of all the richness of the Quaker Women’s Theology Conference.

We wait in silent worship, in union with each other to share from our spiritual journeys.

Our purpose is to search together for God’s truth and inspiration. We also hope to draw closer as a community by sharing deeply of our spiritual experiences.

Each person has the opportunity to share.

No Friend is ever required to speak, but if you do share speak up and speak clearly for those who may be hard of hearing.

In order to allow the space for each of us to share, be mindful of the length of one’s offering. Typically each friends shares only once until all others have spoken.

Please listen to each other. Do not interrupt or comment upon what another Friend has shared.

Allow ample time between sharings. Hold the gift that each person offers in prayer without judgement.

There may be times where vocal prayer might be appropriate within the group. Be open to that.

Try to speak from your own experience, rather than speaking of the experience of others.

Please do not repeat what you have heard in your group. Our deep sharing depends on our respecting and honoring each other.