Why should YOU come?

  • Because you want to learn and grow in the Spirit of the Living Christ and you want to add more facets to your religious experience.
  • Because you’ve been curious about other types of Quaker religious experience.
  • Because you will spend 4-1/2 days with other dynamic women
  • Because you need to take some time for yourself in a caring, nurturing environment.
  • Caroline and KathrynBecause you will find yourself by the end of the conference with new friends, a more open heart, and your spirit renewed.

What can you expect as we focus on the theme “Answering That of God in Every One:¬†Recognizing, Imaging, Naming, Abiding

You can expect to be challenged as well as nurtured. To be supported as you express your feelings and views. To meet other women journeying along a similar or very different spiritual path.  To feel OK just as you are, and even inspired to go deeper.

Deep in ThoughtWhat will be expected of you?

You will write a short reflection paper on the theme and post it on the website by March 1st. Yes, you CAN do it and everyone else will read it and there will be small group discussion relating to the papers.

You will be expected to volunteer to help with the conference in one way or another — keep an eye on the website! These opportunities range from pre-conference work to on-site work such as offering workshops, interest groups or craft activities, to offering prayers, to helping with the registration desk and making signs. Find your¬†volunteer niche.