2016 Financial Aid

The Pacific Northwest Women’s Theology Conference is a self-sustaining organization with only enough funds left over to pay the deposit for the next conference. As this conference is not affiliated with any other Quaker body, there is no deep pocket to which to  turn. The costs of Canby Grove are slightly higher than the most recent conference but we think the compactness and the uniformity of the accommodations and the separate plenary meeting room make it advantageous to our needs.

The following discounts are available to those who register by March 1, 2016 [only one per person!]:

Circumstance Discount Coupon Code
Attending from a distance of 250 miles one-way by car $25  miles25
For first time attenders from within the PNW $25  PNW25
For those with child/eldercare expenses $25  care25

If you need further financial assistance, please first ask your worshipping community and your quarterly or yearly meeting before seeking conference assistance. This is very important!

If those avenues fall short and you are either

  • a first time attender or
  • under the age of 35

you may apply for a scholarship (no more than $175 will be available to any individual and only a few individuals can be assisted). Contact Nancy Irving, Clerk, and provide the following information:

  1. The amount of scholarship help you are requesting.
  2. Financial assistance you are receiving from other sources, such as your church/monthly meeting or Yearly Meeting

How to Donate to our Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship funds are provided only by donations.  We hope that women who can contribute, will donate. No amount is too small. Repeat donations are also welcome. Click here to visit our Donate page.