Papers and Final Payment
Due May 1


Are you ready for the conference?  Menucha is.  They have created a beautiful web page  just for us.  Visit it to find out important information about

  • what to bring
  • directions
  • accessing the Alternate Dietary Request Form
  • WiFi access
  • what to do when you get there
Much of this information is also available on our website. You can find it under the Conference Info and Info for Attendees tabs.  Please note, the Info for Attendees tab is only available to those attending the conference.

Betsey and Elizabeth W

Dear Friends:  
We are just about two months out from our Conference, and your Loyal Planning Committee is working hard to dot all the t’s and cross all the i’s.  Our current pressing task is to start filling VOLUNTEER POSITIONS.  Many of you selected tasks during your registration, and we’ll be contacting you about those.  We’ve recently remembered several other areas that need volunteers:

  • The Epistle Committee needs volunteers and a Clerk
  • Travel coordinator
  • Sound System Guru
  • Clerks (presiding and recording)
  • Greeters at the Registration Table on Wednesday evening
  • Someone to lead the Home Group Leader’s Orientation Meeting on Wednesday evening
  • Someone to welcome the late-comers (those arriving after Wednesday evening) to make sure these Friends feel connected, informed, welcomed, etc.
  • More workshop and interest group leaders, especially those that will be active, movement-related, kinesthetic, etc.  Birdwatching?  Labyrinth walks?

So, Friends, where are you feeling nudged about this Conference?  Spend some time listening in the next few days, then send us an email to let us know how you’d like to be of service.  Is God calling you to a particular errand for this gathering??
Julie Peyton and Glee Lumb,